A message for our valued partners regarding Covid-19

To our valued partners,

We are fully aware of the turbulent times we are in and and strongly believe that we will overcome these difficult days together with unity and solidarity.

Although we can not be physically together as a team, we are fully on top of our business, only this time working remotely from our homes. As a technology company, we are efficiently managing remote working while keeping our spirits up and not lose our joy as a team during this period.

Internally, we have taken all the necessary steps towards keeping our employees safe and encouraged them to stay home and be cautious at all times.

You may reach out to us anytime -through dropping us an e-mail at hello(at)blesh(dot)com– as we are here to help you for all of your location-based intelligence and advertising needs. We continue to be prepared for everything as much as possible, and follow all developments very closely.

We wish everyone healthy days ahead. Please stay at home and keep your spirits up.


What’s New with Location and Bluetooth APIs on iOS 13

by Anıl Taşkıran, iOS Developer at Blesh

With the recently announced iOS 13, we see that Apple’s approach to location privacy is getting more and more serious. This new update will include recurring notifications for users to see whether the app uses their location in the background or not, allowing them to adjust the setting regularly. Continue Reading…

Blesh and İşbank Introduce Digital Money Box for Children

Turkey’s largest private bank, İşbank, strongly retains the practice of giving out money boxes to its junior customers, a practice originally launched back in 1929 to increase savings awareness in the society. Now to trigger and inspire its new generation of junior customers to save more, Blesh and İşbank partnered for the digital version, named the Digital Money Box. Continue Reading…

Ramadan Feast 2017: Where Did Everyone Go? [Infographic]

The Ramadan month was over at the end of June and the Muslims all around the world joyously celebrated Eid al-Fitr by visiting families and friends as well as traveling. The three-day feast began on Sunday, June 25th and ended on June 27th.

Ramadan feast is a marvellous time for families to gather and spend time together which results in many people traveling across country to meet with their loved ones. Since the feast is in summer, it also marks the beginning of the summer holidays when many individuals take the week off for a longer escape. This all meant a surge in airport traffic and we were ready to see how feast would effect footfall in big cities, vacation spots, airports and malls.
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BleshSDK and Xamarin iOS Integration

 Written by Bilgehan Işıklı, iOS Developer at Blesh

The idea of cross platform development tools is very appealing, I get it. Instead of dealing with two different development processes, you get to work on only one and Voilà, you have your Android and iOS applications. I mean, who doesn’t want that, you get your product for half the price. However, that is not the case most of the time: yes, for not-that-complex projects, you can accomplish this at a certain level, but things start to get ugly when you get your feet wet enough.  Continue Reading…

[Infographic] Where Do Travellers Go?

…Can they find their way home? Travelling season is on and we saw wanderlust travellers in Turkey flocking to airports to escape the overwhelming city life. In the last 90 days, we saw more than 150K travellers travelling domestically (60%) and abroad (40%).

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[Infographic] Getting to Know White Collar People in Istanbul

After work drinks, strolling through the sea side, office lunches outside and lounging at the parks…. May is the favourite month of many white collar people in Istanbul, as that is when spring truly arrives there. After a very long winter which seemed to extend to late-April this year, most greeted May with much needed joy as it was finally warm enough to go outside.

Right before the summer season, when most of them will escape the city for their already planned holidays, we thought we’d have a look at how they spent their time during their favourite month. See the full infographic here. Continue Reading…

Bluetooth 5 and Beacons

Announced in June 2016, Bluetooth 5 has officially been adopted by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) as the latest version of Bluetooth in December 2016.

Bluetooth 5’s key feature updates include four times range, two times speed, and eight times broadcast message capacity, all compared to Bluetooth 4.2.  Continue Reading…

Blesh Beacons for Airports and Banks On Display at the Samsung Innovation Center

Beacon enthusiasts can now see beacons for airports and banks full in action at the recently opened Samsung Innovation Center in Istanbul.

Open for a full year at River Plaza, the Samsung Innovation Center includes Samsung’s IoT (Internet of Things) solutions for various purposes and verticals, including Samsung’s own devices as well as of companies in its Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program (SEAP). Continue Reading…

Blesh Partners with Volkswagen for Smart Key Fobs

Blesh has recently partnered with Volkswagen Turkey for its smart key fobs, to be sold online and handed out to new buyers starting from November 2016.

The smart key fob is a beacon itself, as it works with Bluetooth Smart (aka Bluetooth Low Energy). It is paired with Volkswagen’s mobile app, “Volkswagenim” (My Volkswagen).
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Blesh and Unilever Campaign Gets Retail Technology Award

Retail Technology Awards, established by The International Data Corporation Turkey to honor the achievements in industry technological innovations within Turkey, awarded Unilever the third place in the Big Data & Analytics category for its Algida Cabinet Beacon Tracking project.

Unilever and Blesh partnered for the project to track the Algida icecream cabinets throughout Turkey.  Unilever came up to Blesh for a solution to track the location of the cabinets to ensure they are in the correct location and not lost.

Blesh beacons were placed on the cabinets and by signals received from 100+ apps on the Blesh network,  Unilever was able to see the location of the cabinets and track them in real time individually.


Are You Looking High Enough? A Beacon Story!

We have come a long way since Apple’s announcement of the “iBeacon” at the end of 2013. The term “iBeacon” came with a lot of questions for those who are not tech savvy – what does it do? What are the use cases? Isn’t Bluetooth a little too old to be new? Well, Bluetooth 4.0 was too smart to be, but it would be useless to write about the variety of changes and features that you’ve all probably have come to admire by now.

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Blesh Selected as One of Turkey’s Top Startups

Startup 100, established to select top performing startups in Turkey as well as encouraging their growth and expansion, has selected this year’s top 100 performing startups, judged by an independent panel of highly acclaimed thought leaders in business, technology and marketing. Blesh was selected as one of the top 10 performing startups, placing at number 7.

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Infographic: Cross-Location Visits

We went for a full dive in all the data we received from our beacons and came up with a new infographic! Along with an update on our total number of beacons deployed, this time we also analyzed cross-location visits for airports, retail shops, banks and malls. 

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iBeacon Map of Turkey [Infographic]

iBeacon-Map-of-Turkey-Infographic10.000 beacons and counting! Having recently surpassed the milestone, we have put together a study on the data we gathered from thousands of beacons we have located in 49 cities in Turkey. Feel free to share, or to contact us if you need more information through dropping us an e-mail at hello (at) blesh (dot) com. Continue Reading…

Blesh Pioneers the First Commercial Physical Web Beacons and SDK

Blesh Pioneers the First Commercial Physical Web Beacons and SDK to Connect People to The Internet of Things

Now Available: Blesh PW Beacons and PW App That Enable Developers to Assign
Web Attributes to Physical Objects for Frictionless Interaction between People and Things

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 16, 2014 — Developers who want a head start enabling physical objects to communicate with smart phones and other personal gadgets can now order Blesh PW Beacons and the Blesh PW App http://ec2-34-246-89-109.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com and participate in the public project called “The Physical Web”, https://github.com/google/physical-web an initiative that plans to let people walk up to smart objects and with a single tap interact with them on demand.

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