This Privacy Policy aims to determine the terms and conditions with respect to the use of the information and data shared with Sosyal Ağlar Elektronik Ticaret A.Ş. (“Company”) by persons registered the (“Site”) as users (“Users”). Privacy Policy is an annex to and an integral part of the Terms of Use executed with the User.

The Company shall not disclose the personal data submitted electronically by the Users or obtained via the Website to third parties, other than the purposes and scope of the Terms of Use executed with the Users. Within this context, the Company undertakes to keep the confidential data private and confidential, consider such undertaking as a secrecy obligation, take all necessary measures and demonstrate the required care in order to ensure and maintain confidentiality and prevent the confidential data to be disclosed to the general public fully or partially or to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure to a third party.

Such personal data may be used for the purposes of contacting with the User or enhancing User experience in the Site (upgrading available services, creating new services and providing customized services, etc.) as well as for the purposes of carrying out statistical evaluations, building databases and market research, by anonymizing such data. Upon the consent of the User, said data may be processed, retained and transferred to third parties with the aim of direct marketing by the Company and its partners within the scope of the User’s related consent, as well as for sending notifications in relation to the promotion of applications and services, maintenance and support activities.

Following anonymization, the Company may use the User’s usage and transaction data for statistical evaluations, performance evaluations, marketing campaigns of the Company and its partners, annual reports and suchlike and, retain, process or deliver such data to its partners for the required time period for accomplishing said aims.

Information requested from the Users who participate in the surveys that may take place on the Platform regularly or irregularly, and who consent to their data being processed, may be used by the Company or its partners for the purposes of direct marketing, statistical analysis and building databases.

The Company may disclose the personal data concerning the User to third parties in the event that:

  • Such disclosure is obligatory so as to fulfill any obligations under the Terms of Use and the Device Sale and SDK License Agreement.
  • A competent administrative or judicial authority requires information regarding the users for the execution of a research or investigation in accordance with the applicable legislation.
  • Providing information is necessary for the protection of Users’ rights or security.

The Company shall identify the IP addresses of users and shall use these IP addresses where necessary, in order to define system based problems and immediately resolve problems that may arise in the Platform. IP addresses may also be used for describing the users generally, and for collecting comprehensive demographic information.

The Company shall be entitled to transfer the data, for abovementioned purposes, to the servers (such servers may belong to the Company, its affiliations or subcontractors) anywhere in the world, rather than the User’s country of residence.

Providing links from the Site to other websites or applications is possible and the Company shall not be responsible for the confidentiality practices and contents of such websites and applications.

The Company may revise the provisions of this Privacy Policy at its sole discretion by publication via the Site. Revised provisions of the Privacy Policy shall become effective immediately upon their publication in the Site.