Blesh Joins Bluetooth World Event

On 02.04.2014, published the news about Blesh regarding it is joining SIG’s Bluetooth World event organised in San Jose, US. bluetooth world event It is highlighted that Blesh, which has been working on Bluetooth Smart technology based ibeacon device production and mobile software development areas, has been invited as “Innovator” to SIG’s Bluetooth World Event organised in San Jose between 8th -9th of April’14. It’s also cited that Blesh will announce its ibeacon and mobile solutions and the mobile payment solution developed together with DenizBank’s fastPay mobile payment application.

Blesh Co-Founder Ugur Gokdere says that company’s mission is strengthening consumers’ mobile search, shopping and payment experiences with smart technologies and providing brands and marketers solutions to differentiate their mobile marketing, advertising and loyalty programs.