Will the Physical Web Take Us “Back to the Future”?

The year 2015 is not entirely what Robert Zemeckis in his epic movie, Back to the Future II, had predicted.

There are no hover boards that float above the roads, there neither are flying cars as a default means of transportation. Although real 2015 has fallen short of such imaginable yet juvenile predictions, not every aspect of Zemeckis’ imagined world is unreal. The foreshadowing details about the telecommunications means in the movie are strikingly similar to today’s reality. Continue Reading…

Blesh Attends Samsung Event

As Blesh, we attended the Samsung Event in Istanbul held on May 27-28 and successfully presented our services. We’d like to share the related news with you via the links below and thank you for your interest. We sincerely wish that our collaboration increasingly continues.


Samsung Heads For The Corporate Market

An evergrowing corporate market proves to be an investment ground for tech giants. Samsung is prepared to offer interactive solutions to SMEs with the communication solutions and smart technology products they’ve developed.

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iBeacon technology provider of Samsung Corporate Forum 2014

Blesh will take place as the iBeacon technology provider in Samsung’s Corporate Forum 2014, which will be held in Istanbul Shangri La hotel in 27-28 May 2014. In the event innovative solutions designed for different industries will be introduced.

As Blesh will be presenting participants different experiences with iBeacon technology, it will also introduce its micro location services to opinion leaders. Blesh, which is a platform to recognise consumers indoor and know their micro-location precisely, continues its operations as the Secure Enterprise iBeacon provider at full blast. iBeacon technology expands the benefit of location information indoor, like GPS provides outdoor, and helps Brands reach consumers in the right place at the right time. As iBeacon technology creates a new marketing media to offer personalised campaigns to consumers, also lets brands to run location-based loyalty programs.

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Mobile phones, PCs, Tablets rely on Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, set the stage for in-home automation hubs

Taken from Bluetooth.com;

From Bluetooth World 2014, the flagship connectivity conference from the Bluetooth SIG, IHS released details of its latest forecasts for the IHS Technology Connectivity in Consumer, Mobile and IT Market Tracker. The report puts Bluetooth penetration at 90 percent in 2014 for all mobile phones (not just smartphones), growing to 96 percent by 2018. Mobile phones serve as the hub for the Internet of My Things – the connectivity of the devices all around you – Bluetooth Smart enabled fitnesshealthsleep monitors, proximity tags, and even toothbrushes.

“The power efficient and intelligent Bluetooth Smart revolutionized the way consumers connect to the devices around them – anything, from a flower pot to a fork, can relay data back to users – and with the recent boom of devices we have seen, consumers are starting to expect and demand that connectivity,” said Suke Jawanda, Bluetooth SIG CMO. “We worked with Apple, Blackberry, Google and Microsoft to ensure all mobile OS platforms support Bluetooth Smart. This gives developers peace of mind. They know the products they build will work seamlessly with the phone, tablet or PC the customer already has, and for the consumer, it means their products will just work. Every time.”

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Nowhere to Hide – How retailers can find and up-sell you in the aisles with iBeacon

On March 2014, Harry McCracken wrote about iBeacon in Times magazine, and told about how  the game in retail changes for both consumers and retailers..

Thanks to GPS, the apps on your phone have long been able to determine your general location. But what if they could do so with enough precision that a supermarket, say, could tempt you with digital coupons depending on whether you were hovering near the white bread or the bagels?

It may sound far-fetched, but there’s good chance the technology is already built into your iPhone or Android device. All it takes for retailers to tap into it are small, inexpensive transmitters called beacons. Here’s how it works: using Bluetooth technology, handsets can pinpoint their position to within as little as 2 cm by receiving signals from the beacons stores install. Apple’s version of the concept is called iBeacon; it’s in use at its own stores and is being tested by Macy’s , American Eagle, Safeway, the National Baseball League and Major League Baseball.

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Blesh Joins Bluetooth World Event

On 02.04.2014, Hurriyet.com.tr published the news about Blesh regarding it is joining SIG’s Bluetooth World event organised in San Jose, US. bluetooth world event It is highlighted that Blesh, which has been working on Bluetooth Smart technology based ibeacon device production and mobile software development areas, has been invited as “Innovator” to SIG’s Bluetooth World Event organised in San Jose between 8th -9th of April’14. It’s also cited that Blesh will announce its ibeacon and mobile solutions and the mobile payment solution developed together with DenizBank’s fastPay mobile payment application.

Blesh Co-Founder Ugur Gokdere says that company’s mission is strengthening consumers’ mobile search, shopping and payment experiences with smart technologies and providing brands and marketers solutions to differentiate their mobile marketing, advertising and loyalty programs.