Will the Physical Web Take Us “Back to the Future”?

The year 2015 is not entirely what Robert Zemeckis in his epic movie, Back to the Future II, had predicted.

There are no hover boards that float above the roads, there neither are flying cars as a default means of transportation. Although real 2015 has fallen short of such imaginable yet juvenile predictions, not every aspect of Zemeckis’ imagined world is unreal. The foreshadowing details about the telecommunications means in the movie are strikingly similar to today’s reality. Continue Reading…

Blesh Pioneers the First Commercial Physical Web Beacons and SDK

Blesh Pioneers the First Commercial Physical Web Beacons and SDK to Connect People to The Internet of Things

Now Available: Blesh PW Beacons and PW App That Enable Developers to Assign
Web Attributes to Physical Objects for Frictionless Interaction between People and Things

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – December 16, 2014 — Developers who want a head start enabling physical objects to communicate with smart phones and other personal gadgets can now order Blesh PW Beacons and the Blesh PW App http://ec2-34-246-89-109.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com and participate in the public project called “The Physical Web”, https://github.com/google/physical-web an initiative that plans to let people walk up to smart objects and with a single tap interact with them on demand.

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